Thursday, October 9, 2014

What Emotions to Expect After Your Cats Death

This article will look specially at your feelings around your cats death, whether they are normal and what emotions to expect.

Cats like every think else die and this time is no less painful than losing a human. So this brief article will focus on the top questions you may be asking yourself when your cat dies or your vet has to put them down.

Cats Death
It really hurts that my cat died - is this normal?

Yes it perfectly normal, however those who haven't had a pet to lose may find it a bit strange but that's because they haven't spent time caring for a cat or spending time snuggled up on the sofa watching TV with your cat settled on your knee purring away. Nor will they have spent time talking to a cat when they've been upset because sometimes cats are better to talk to than people. Expect it to hurt because it definitely will no matter whether you were blessed with your cats company for a few years or a large part of your life.

Will I feel a range of emotions?
Yes you will, you may feel guilty, especially if you've made the decision to put your cat down. You'll feel guilty if your cat was run over for letting them go out and play that day. What ever the circumstances chances are you'll feel guilty for not being able to stop your cat from dying.

You'll also feel anger, you may be angry at yourself for not being able to save your cat, angry at the vet, angry at any person who was involved in your cats death. If you're religious you may be angry at your own deity for not being able to prevent your cats death. This emotion is perfectly normal and part of the grieving process.

There will be times when you're in denial about your pets death, this will be worse if you've not actually seen the body or witnessed the vet administering the lethal injection. This is because if you've not seen the body then you will always have hope that it didn't happen or that it wasn't your cat it happened too.

It's also normal to feel depressed over your cats death, they were a huge part of your life, a part where you will have many cherished memories to look back on and no you no longer can make new memories. If you find yourself in a deep depression seek out medical help as this will affect all areas of your life, find online support groups, speak to others that have lost pets. Understanding and support go a long way in helping you to deal with depression.

You can find more information about dealing with the death of your cat over at Cat Party [].
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