Thursday, July 18, 2013

Treating Severe Cat Allergy Symptoms Properly

Many people love cats but a lot of them are suffering from cat allergies. Most of the time, people are typically showing mild symptoms among the common cat allergens like hair and saliva. These mild symptoms can be treated with the help of medications that can be purchased even without prescription.
However, some patients may experience severe cat allergy symptoms which can definitely be bothersome for them.


In contrary to regular rashes or allergic rhinitis among individuals, they may experience extreme pulmonary or skin symptoms like asthma-like allergy attacks and even eczema. These symptoms however are not treatable by over the counter medications so they need to get medications right from the allergists or their physicians.

The most common medication for these severe cat allergy symptoms are allergic shots. Treatment approaches using shots may come in two different forms. The first one would contain medications that will help alleviate the symptoms. These would immediately calm their system and prevent soreness. Aside from treating them immediately, these medications can also help prevent the occurrence of symptoms for a long time. This is why you'll see lots of people who have this problem to take shots at intervals of several months just to avoid getting these symptoms.

The next approach is the shot would have allergen serums which will trigger the symptoms This is called immunotherapy which will make your body immune from allergic reactions by producing the right antibodies to prevent their attacks in the future. The good thing about this is it will help you be immune to cat allergies after some time. This type of approach, however, is not meant for treatment but just for therapy purposes.

Skin problems like eczema are also an extreme symptom of cat allergy. This problem can only be solved by getting help from a dermatologist. In addition to just regular topical creams or medications, they can prescribe others that will totally clear out your body from this skin problem. In a sense, this medication is considerably stronger as it treats the body from this extreme symptom.

Once you've experienced these severe cat allergy symptoms, it's vital for you to get treatments with the help of your physician. For the time being, they may also ask you to avoid getting exposure to cats. With the help of their procedures and getting less cat exposure, you'll definitely get treatment from cat allergies and even totally be free from it after doing your therapy.

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