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Joint Supplement For Cats

Cats are typically more independent in nature and the symptoms of arthritis may not be noticed immediately. But, their pain is often acute and the joints become stiff and cause great discomfort. Most cats develop arthritis due to a deterioration of cartilage and joints. But, each cat needs to be treated uniquely and the best joint supplement must be chosen specific to her needs. It is important to examine your cat on a daily or weekly basis for signs of joint pains.

Symptoms of Joint Pain

• Limping
• Stiffness while rising from a resting position
• Change in personality
• Licking of particular areas
• Refusal to jump

There are home remedies for easing the joint pain in your cat. Aspirin has been found effective for minor pain. Monitoring your pet's weight and making sure she exercises is very important as overweight cats are more susceptible to joint pains. Provide a warm place for your cat as cold often makes the joint ache worse. A gentle massage to soothe the aching joint is also helpful.

Joint Supplements

Joint supplements can improve the joint health of your pet. Some of them help maintain the structure in cartilage, draw water into the cartilage adding lubrication as well as nutrition, and provide pain relief.

• Glucosamine
• Glucosamine with Chondroitin
• Methylsulfonymethane
• Joint Enhancer for Cats
• Glyco-Flex
• Ortho-Flex
• Cosequin for Cats
• Super Joint Omega

Joint supplements can be given for pets with degenerative joint disease as well. This is not very common in cats; but, does occur and is usually caused by overweight. The joint wears out and the bone develops a roughness that damages the joint. It is also caused by fractures or dislocation. The supplements along with physiotherapy will help your cat in remaining flexible and will slow down the degeneration of joints in your cat.
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