Friday, March 7, 2014

8 Ultimate Cat Food Tips

The cat food myth that many of us believe is that what we give our little fluffy is plenty.

We buy the tins or we buy the dry cat food and then give it to our little fluffy friends. When they don't eat it, we assume that they are fussy. We change the cat food flavor, mix it up even more, or even change the brand.

What we tend to find is that cats are not really fussy. They are just going off their genetics which demands that fluffy is given a certain amount of food groups that is specifically designed for fluffy. So a cat will know if it hasn't got those nutrients and will hunt them out disliking food until it has found "the right combination".


Cat food is balanced for normal, healthy fluffy. It is also wise to know what fluffy is actually eating and what you should do to help your cat have a balanced diet.

Unfortunately in our frenzy to make our cat love us and to make sure that it is getting the best food, we sometimes make mistakes.

Here are 8 ultimate tips to give your cat the best food which will apply to cat health as well...

1. never give fluffy dog food. It is not made for a cat and long term use can cause all sorts of illnesses, fatal and chronic. Some are: night blindness and vitamin deficiencies.

2. never give excess vitamin A. This can cause sterility and loss of hair.

3. never give raw fish. They contain enzymes that break down vitamin B1 and can even carry disease for little fluffy.

4. Canned food provides some water for cats but always give a cat a fresh water source to use.

5. A cat will not eat anything that is by its litter tray.

6. By enlarge, they are solitary animals so they get concerned when anything disturbs their food eating. The location of the food dish, other animals close by, interactions of distraction etc will all determine how much the cat is willing to eat. It is not uncommon for a cat not to eat for a week in a boarding house.

7. Vitamin and minerals are not really needed as supplements (unless the vet says) as long as the cat is eating a well balanced meal.

8. Any treat should not consist of more than 20% of fluffy s intake.
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